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Nutrition4Kids Medical Advisory Board

Nutrition4Kids is honored to have the support and counsel of several of the world’s foremost medical clinicians and researchers working at the intersection of childhood health and nutrition.

These respected leaders share our vision of creating a medically accurate, safe environment for parents and caregivers who are passionate about feeding their kids well – whether they are healthy or coping with challenges.

Stanley Cohen, M.D

Chairman, Nutrition4IBD Medical Advisory Board; Children's Center for Digestive Health Care and Emory University.

Maria Oliva-Hemker, M.D

Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Johns Hopkins University.

Kylia Crane

N4K Medical Advisory Board and Nutrition Coordinator of the Georgia Chapter

Hugh A. Sampson, MD

Kurt Hirschhorn Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute

Mel Heyman, M.D

University of California San Francisco; co-editor of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

W. Allan Walker, M.D.

N4K Medical Advisory Board and Director of the Division of Nutrition, Harvard Medical School

Bailey Koch, R.D

Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition

Kathleen Zelman, R.D

Former Director of Nutrition, WebMD
Director, No Nonsense Nutrition

Dozens of categories with hundreds of articles for caregivers passionate about feeding kids well

Feeding kids well is often challenging. What to feed, when, how much and where to get it are all much more complicated whether the kid is an infant, or high school athlete, or has an allergy or a GI issue. We provide medically curated, reliable information to make it all easier. After we launch, please take a minute to tell us what you would like to know more about.

Examples of Article topics:

Breastfeeding questions
Preventing food allergies
Nutrients in different "milks"
Celiac disease vs gluten sensitivity
Gluten free foods for kids
Healthy sugars for kids
Finding fiber and too much fiber
Picky eaters
Likable vegetables
Best fruits for constipation

Putting weight on skinny kids
Helping overweight kids
Swallowing problems
Choosing the right formula
Solving reflux and EoE
Pancreatic problems
Intestinal absorption
Autism and leaky guts
ADHD issues
Smart shopping


Packaged food database

Nutritional information on thousands of grocery store items

BMI calculator

How’s your weight doing? Underweight, overweight or in between, use this calculator to see where you stand.

Symptom diary

Forms and advice on how to set up your personal symptom diary to track wellbeing between medical visits to maximize value of doctor and dietician appointments.

Food log

Forms and advice on how to set up your personal food log to track trigger foods, monitor overall nutritional intake and to share with your medical provider.

USDA database

Hundreds of thousands of foods with daily-recommended intakes by age, pregnancy status, lactation status, etc.

Restaurant menu database

Nutritional information on tens of thousands of restaurant menu items.

Know our Youtube channel,

Our website is undergoing rehab, but our Youtube channel is up and running. Visit and watch dozens of short videos on tube feeding, or a Division 1 Lacrosse player living with feeding challenges, or a number of other interesting and informative topics. 35 videos answering questions regarding food allergies are on the way!

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We are excited to get launched and get our information and tools into the hands of those they will help the most. We will launch in a couple weeks (or days, or hours, depending on when you are reading this).

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