Nutrition4Kids is a personal, trustworthy, and expert guide to learning about and making the right food choices for your individual child regardless of age, medical conditions, cultural norms, or allergies.

Nutrition4Kids was created to offer:

Absolutely Trustworthy Information Everything on Nutrition4Kids is written and/or edited by medical professionals. All of our materials represent the best medical/scientific knowledge available today.

Qualified, Expert Advice

Our mission is to help parents create a Healthy Lifestyle for a Lifetime© for their children. That means not only managing any medical conditions they may have, but choosing the foods that will help achieve that lifestyle. So from breast feeding, to introducing solid foods, to allergies, GI issues and other medical conditions, to getting enough vitamins, fiber and other foods into your kids, to feeding young athletes or wheelchair and bed-bound kids, Nutrition4Kids provides the information you need to feed your kids well.

Accurate Food Data and Labels Customized For The Kid You Are Feeding

Most food labels required by the government are based on a 2000 calorie-a-day diet for an adult. Kids have much different calorie needs based on their age and health level. Also, the amount of protein, fat, fiber and vitamins that kids need are very different than those listed on those 2000 calorie labels. We let you build a label that's accurate for your kid from the USDA database. We also provide labels for thousands and thousands of packaged food products and restaurant menu items.


Feeding a kid a healthy diet is a full time job. Keeping up with the developments in medicine and food science is a full time job. (Oh, and your actual full time job is a full time job.) Let us help keep you up to date on medical and food science developments relevant to the kid you are feeding. Just tell us about who you are feeding, and we'll send you all relevant articles and blogs we publish.

Nutrition4Kids was created to offer doctors and other medical professionals an absolutely safe place to send their patients online to learn more about nutrition and their medical conditions.


Dr. Stan Cohen

Dr. Stan Cohen is one of our founders and our CEO as well as the Chairman of our Medical Advisory Board.

Mark Lorimer

Mark Lorimer is our President and one of our co-founders. Mark became passionate about feeding kids well …

David Cohen

David Cohen is one of our founders, serves on our Board of Directors and is our User Experience Guru.

Nutrition4Kids Foundation

The Nutrition4Kids Foundation is dedicated to helping families, caregivers and medical professionals to feed each person well—whether they are healthy, or have complicating medical condition(s) or dietary restrictions. We believe that access to actionable, reliable, medically accurate information is critical to the knowledge needed to make healthy food choices for each individual. We also believe that providing that information through technology-enabled means and useful tools will help more people make healthier choices.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nutrition4Kids Foundation, Inc. is a 501 c-3 not for profit corporation.

Nutrition4Kids Foundation sponsors the creation of medically curated content accessible for patients, parents, caregivers and healthcare providers on a range of nutrition topics. We also sponsor seminars for medical professionals and other activities to help people passionate about the role of nutrition in health and healing. The Foundation has contracted with Nutrition4Kids, LLC to create and publish content on Nutrition4IBD.com and Nutrition4Kids.com . For more information on Nutrition4Kids Foundation, please contact Mark Lorimer at

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