Revised June 1 2020

This Privacy Policy applies to (the "Site"), which is owned and operated by Nutrition4Kids, LLC ("N4K," "we" or "our").  At N4K, we recognize and respect your privacy.  This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and disclose personally identifying information ("Personal Information") gathered through our Site.  This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected through our Site.  It does not address our collection of Personal Information from other sources.  The Privacy Policy is subject to and incorporates by reference our Terms of Service, including its limitation on liability.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. You should check here periodically to review our current Privacy Policy, which is effective as of the revision date listed above.  Your use of our Site and submission of Personal Information online constitutes acceptance and understanding of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as in effect at the time of your submission to or use of said Site(s).

Types of Personal Information We Collect Through the Site

You may browse certain sections of our Site without registering and creating an online account.  However, to engage with certain functionality of the Site, you will be asked to create an account with us.  When you, create an account with us, we will collect your email address, location, a username/screen name and password that you will use to access your account, and other information which may include information concerning the child(ren) you are feeding, and your personal preferences in certain areas of interest pertaining to the site and childhood nutrition.

We also collect information from you if you log into our Site through an account created with a third-party website (e.g., Facebook, or LinkedIn).  The option to access our Site via these third-party websites may occur and will be entirely at your option.  The Personal Information we are able to migrate to our Site from these third-party websites will depend on the privacy settings that you have in place with the third-party site from which you log in.  If you choose to log into the Site via a third-party website, you hereby consent to our access to and collection of such Personal Information about you.  We also collect the following types of Personal Information through the Site:

  • Optional personal information you may wish to share in interacting with the site and its other users such as through posting of questions, comments and other user generated content
  • Information about your visits to and use of this Site or the websites of third-party servicers to help us maintain the appropriate features, functionality, and user experience
  • Any other Personal Information you submit or upload through our Site or to one of our email addresses
  • If accessing this Site on a mobile device or otherwise, your location, through various GPS or other geo-locator tools that use the IP address of your device to detect a user's location

We may also append to the Personal Information collected through our Site data we receive from other sources, such as public records, demographic information, and other background information supplied by information services or third parties.

In addition, we automatically collect through our Site information that is often not personally identifying, such as the website from which you came to our Site and your IP address, browser type, and other information relating to the device through which you access the Site.  We may combine this information with the Personal Information we have collected from you.

Information We Collect From You and About You

Some information collected from you is required and some is optional; some will remain private and some will be shared with third parties.  Additional information may be gathered during your subsequent use of the Site, whenever you choose to provide it.

Additional Uses of Personal Information

We use the Personal Information you provide us and to which you allow us access as described herein for the following purposes:

Types of Disclosures of Personal Information
  • Respond to requests or inquiries, and for similar, customer-service-related purposes
  • Adjust offerings or services, provided by or through N4K or its affiliates or partners, to you and to tailor the information we send or display to you
  • Provide you with information about our company or products—provided by or through N4K or its affiliates and partners—that we believe you may find of interest, including marketing and promotional e-mails
  • Authenticate visitors to our Site
  • Improve our Site, and offerings or services provided by or through N4K or its affiliates and partners
  • Better understand how users access and use our Site, and offerings provided by or through N4K or its affiliates or partners, on an aggregated and individualized basis
We may disclose Personal Information to third parties for the following purposes:
  • To provide you with information relating to products or services that we believe you may find of interest
  • In response to a subpoena or other legal process by a governmental entity or third party, or if otherwise required by law
  • To protect or enforce our rights or property
  • In the event of the sale or dissolution (bankruptcy) of assets, in whole or in part, of our business or any of its affiliates (in which case, such information may also be transferred to another party)
  • To third parties involved in the process of providing services to us or you or performing functions on our behalf, such as contractors, or customer service providers (e.g., information technology or human resources consultants or service providers)
  • To our affiliates, subsidiaries and partners for marketing purposes, or for product or service delivery
  • To our lenders, investors, partners, or auditors in the course of their review or auditing us
  • To provide products or services requested
  • To our vendors, who may use the information to further improve their database services to us.  Notwithstanding anything else in the Privacy Policy, we may share aggregate or personally identifiable information about users with third parties for marketing, advertising,research, or other business purposes.
Cookies and Analytics

When you interact with our Site, we strive to make your experience easy and meaningful.  We or our third-party service providers use cookies, web beacons (clear GIFs, web bugs), and similar technologies to track user activity and collect site data.  We may combine this data with the Personal Information we have collected from you.

Cookies.  We (or our third-party service providers) use cookies to track visitor activity on the Site.  A cookie is a text file that a website place on your computer's hard drive for record-keeping purposes.  Our cookies assign a random, unique number to your computer.  Cookies do not contain information that would personally identify you, although we can associate a cookie with any of your identifying information that is or has been provided to us while visiting our Site.  We or our third-party service providers use cookies that remain on your computer for a specified period of time or until they are deleted (persistent cookies).  These cookies record clickstream information (data reporting the URLs, or names of the pages, on our Site that have been visited).  We may also use cookies that exist only temporarily during an online session (session cookies).  These cookies allow us to identify you temporarily as you move through the Site.  Most browsers allow users to refuse cookies, but doing so may impede the functionality of some portions of our Site.

Web Beacons.  Web beacons are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, which are used to track the online movements of Web users.  In contrast to cookies, which are stored on your computer's hard drive, Web beacons are embedded invisibly on webpages and may not be disabled or controlled through your browser.

Third Parties.  As noted, we may also engage third parties, including without limitation, Google Analytics and Webtrends to track and analyze Site activity on our behalf.  To do so, these third parties may place cookies or web beacons to track you and other users' activity on our Site.  We use the data collected by such third parties to help us administer and improve the quality of the Site, analyze usage of the Site, and provide a more enhanced user experience on the Site, such as personalizing and delivering relevant offers and content based on user activity on the Site.

User Content

We may, from time to time, allow users or third parties to post information to our Site, such as comments or blogs or to offer you information on small business topics.  Any information that you post to our Site becomes public information and may be viewable by other users, as well as visitors to our Site.  In addition, your name, as well as other optional information you choose to submit along with the information you post, will be publicly displayed along with your comment or blog.  We are not responsible for the privacy of any information that you choose to post to our Site, or for the accuracy of any information contained in those postings.  We cannot prevent such information from being used by others in a manner that may violate this Privacy Policy, the law, or your personal privacy.  Your posting of any content to any of the Site is subject to our Terms of Service.

Third-party Links

At times, our Site may contain links to other, third-party websites.  Any access to and use of such linked websites is not governed by this Privacy Policy but, instead, governed by the privacy policies of those third-party websites.  We have not reviewed these policies and are not responsible for the information practices of such third-party websites.

Marketing Communications

We may send you emails from time-to-time about information that we (or third parties) believe may be of interest to you.  We may also send you news and offers from us or other third parties, which may include our newsletter or information about special offers, products or offerings, or other items.

If, at any time, you would like to stop receiving these promotional e-mails, you may follow the opt-out instructions contained in any such e-mail.  Please note that it may take up to 10 business days for us to process opt-out requests.  If you opt-out of receiving emails or promotions from us, we still may send you e-mails about your account, your application or any products or services you have requested or received from us, or for other customer service purposes.

International Users

The Site is hosted outside of the United States.  By providing your information to the Site, you are consenting to and authorizing the transfer of your information outside of the United States for storage, use, processing, maintenance, and onward transfer of such information to other entities regardless of their location in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.  You are also consenting to the application of United States law in all matters concerning the Site.


N4K takes reasonable steps to safeguard your personal and sensitive information through vigorous physical, electronic, and operational policies and practices.  Data can only be read or written through defined service access points, the use of which is password-protected.  The physical security of the data is achieved through a combination of network firewalls (there is no direct communication allowed between the database server and the Internet) and servers with operating systems, all housed in a secure facility.  Access to the system is controlled.

Further, we also equip our servers with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate technology to ensure that when you connect you are actually on our Site.  SSL also ensures that all data entered into the website is encrypted.  To verify that SSL is being used, look for the key or padlock icon on your browser.  For further encryption protection, we use a 128-bit secure browser for logins and transactions. Portions of our site may also use "CAPTCHA" technology, which is a verification process designed to ensure that certain sensitive transactions are being initiated by a human and not by another computer, robot or other automated means.  The test involves viewing a distorted image of a word or letter/numeral configuration that a computer is incapable of interpreting and re-entering in a data box. Finally, we subject our systems to periodic security audits designed to prevent unauthorized access to user information.

Session Time-Outs

We also employ session time-outs to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You will be logged out of the Site automatically after a specified period of inactivity. This time-out feature reduces the risk of others being able to access your account if you leave your computer unattended.


Your password is not known to any employee or third party with whom we may partner, and we will never ask for your password as a means of identifying yourself. You should never share your password with anyone, and if you ever receive an email purporting to come from us that asks for your password, you should immediately report this development to us at .

What You Can Do

In addition to our own substantial efforts, you can take several precautions to protect the security of your computer and Personal Information. For instance, you can start by using a complex/well-chosen password. You should avoid using any information that others can easily learn about you, such as a family member's name or birthday; you can also use special characters in place of letters. We also recommend that you change your password frequently. You can also install and regularly update antivirus and firewall software to protect your computer or device from external attacks by malicious users. When you are finished with a session on our site, be sure that you log out and close the browser window.

If you use a computer that is accessed by other people, such as in a public library or Internet cafe, we recommend that you take special precautions to protect the security of your account and personal data. When you are finished using our site, you should log out completely, then close the browser window and clear the browser's cache files.

You should also be aware of fraudulent attempts to gain access to your account information known as "phishing." Phishing is a tactic used by scammers in which unsuspecting people are brought to a website by a genuine-looking email purporting to be from a legitimate company. The phony or "spoof" email takes the person to a website that looks legitimate but in fact is not. Either in the email itself or on this fake site, scammers will ask for login information to gain access to people's accounts and withdraw their money. N4K will never ask you for your login information in the context of any email. In general, you can protect yourself against phishing by never providing personal or login information via an email, instead, go the website directly. You might also make it a habit to check the URL of a website to be sure that it begins with the correct domain. You should always ensure the URL begins with or


Despite our efforts to protect your information from unauthorized intrusion, no level of protection is foolproof and immune from intrusion and hacking. As such, you understand and agree that despite our and your efforts, we shall not be responsible for any unauthorized access to your information.

Contact Us

Questions? You may contact us with any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy at: Nutrition4Kids, LLC, 3626 Oxford Trace, Marietta, GA 30062; Telephone 949-300-2496; or at .