Brush their intestines with fruits and vegetables

Brush their intestines with fruits and vegetables

A convincing argument to eat your greens


Kids can understand that eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day keeps their intestines healthy. In the same way that brushing their teeth daily gives them a clean, healthy mouth, they can also learn that fruits and vegetables "brushes" their intestines.    

It's not an exaggeration. Fruits and vegetables feed the healthy intestinal flora, or microbiome. And it's those bacteria and other organisms that keep our intestines healthy. And it's the fiber and roughage that helps the intestine have a regular rhythm to pass the contents along.  

Brush intestines

Every Day 

A lot of people will eat fruits and vegetables a few days a week, but when you ask a child if brushing their teeth once a week will keep their mouth clean and fresh, they make a face and shout 'No!" So you can remind them:

  • You brush your teeth because it's important. Same thing's true with eating fruits and vegetables. Doesn't matter whether you like brushing; and it doesn't matter whether you like your fruits and vegetables. It's just as important to eat them.   
  • You have to do it every day, the same way that you have to brush every day if you don't want a "stinky mouth and rotten teeth."
  • And you can ask them if one strawberry or just one bite of green beans will do the job? Then you tell them they need to give the fruits and veggies a high five in their meals and snacks every day.