Can acute pancreatitis lead to complications?

Can acute pancreatitis lead to complications?

Watch out for infections, low blood pressure, and organ damage

Dr. Stan (Stan Cohen MD)

Is a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Children’s Center for Digestive Health Care / GI Care for Kids, whose books on nutrition for parents led him to start Nutrition4Kids with his co-founders.

Most kids with acute pancreatitis get better over a few days. This is quicker and more comfortable when they are given
• fluids by mouth or through the veins
• pain control
• adequate nutrition
• and if the cause can be removed (a medicine, for example)

Complication of acute pancreatitis are rare, but can occur:
• An infection of the pancreas
• Low blood pressure and shock
• A pancreatic pseudocyst which is a collection of pancreatic enzymes, fluid and tissue debris that forms in and around the pancreas. This can go away on its own or become infected or may require drainage of the fluid.
• Damage to other organs including the lungs, kidneys, or heart

acute pancreatitis and complications

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