Easy Ideas for lunch

Easy Ideas for lunch

Mid-day meals for your kids

Lucille Beseler, RDN

Is co-author of Nurturing with Nutrition and a former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics representing over 100,000 Nutrition professionals, while also active as a clinical dietitian in South Florida.

Article in collaboration with: Melanie Bazarte, PhD

Healthy lunches can give your kids a boost for the afternoon. Use this convenient schedule.

Monday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
Grilled real (not processed) cheese cut into squares Tuna w/ mayonnaise (flaked finely) pear, cut up Macaroni and cheese, carrots-cooked, apple-shaved Meatballs and pasta Roast beef, thinly sliced, soft bread, cut up tomato Beef stew, cut up pear Mashed potato with cheese, broccoli-soft
Soft green beans, cottage cheese, peaches, jello Chicken cutlet- cut up, baked potato creamed spinach Chicken noodle soup (thick kind) with crackers -broken into soup, cut up pear Chicken salad, finely chopped bread pieces, banana Cream cheese on bread, strawberriesyogurt Tuna, carrots and pasta casseroleMeatloaf, peas, mashed potato 
Grilled cheese with tomato Baked potato with tuna and cheese Chicken casserole with carrots rice or noodles Pasta with butter, cheese, and broccoli Chicken fingers, sweet potato, pineappleYogurt, fruit salad, wheat germ Tortellini, sauce, melon 

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