Gestational diabetes: Breastfeeding reduces baby's risk of obesity

Gestational diabetes: Breastfeeding reduces baby's risk of obesity

Dr. Stan (Stan Cohen MD)

Is a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Children’s Center for Digestive Health Care / GI Care for Kids, whose books on nutrition for parents led him to start Nutrition4Kids with his co-founders.

Obesity is a serious problem in the United States for both children and adults.

Children born to mothers who develop type 2 diabetes during pregnancy tend to remain overweight throughout childhood. These children are roughly four times more likely to develop diabetes.

You can help reduce your baby's risk of obesity.

When overweight women lose weight before they become pregnant, it reduces their chances of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Can Lessen the Risk

Breastfeeding can lessen the risk of obesity for the baby. The longer the mother breastfeeds, the lower the potential. Breast feeding for at least six months can reverse the risk so the baby is no more likely become overweight as a child.

Breastfeeding is also beneficial to help underweight babies gain weight.

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