Gluten-free no-nos

Gluten-free no-nos

24 grains and flours not safe for a GF diet


A gluten-free diet is intended to be that: entirely gluten-free, but sometimes it is hard to know which grains you can and cannot eat. Below is a list of grains and ingredients that you should steer clear of to avoid gluten getting into your diet. We also have a list of good grains for a gluten-free diet to check out as well!

grains and flours that are gluten-free no-nos

Grains and flours that are not allowed:

KamutRyeUdonDinkelFarroMalt *
SeitanMatzoh**   Wheat *** DurumFuSemolina

*Includes extract, flavoring, syrup and vinegar

**Includes meal, farfel and flour

***Includes bran, flour, germ, gluten and starch

Foods/ingredients that may or may not contain gluten:

Breading, coating mixes Imitation bacon  Soup base
BrothImitation seafoodStuffing/dressing 
Brown rice syrupLuncheon meatsSoups
CroutonsPastaSalad dressing
Cereal productsRouxCommunion wafers
Soy sauce  Cracker mealSelf-basting poultry

Other potential gluten sources:

MedicationsVitamin and mineral supplements
Play doughToothpaste

*Gluten does not pass through the skin.  One should ensure proper hand washing to ensure gluten on the skin is not ingested when fingers are put in the mouth or food is eaten with unclean hands.