How much is enough vitamin D? Blood levels can tell you

How much is enough vitamin D? Blood levels can tell you

Pregnant moms may need more vitamin D than they’re told


Prenatal vitamins may not provide all the vitamin D a pregnant mom needs, according to Dr. Carol Wagner, a professor of pediatrics and associate director of their Clinical and Translational Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina. Her research, and that of others on understanding the vitamin D requirements of pregnant and lactating women and their infants, suggests that the only way to tell is by getting vitamin D levels or by loading up on the vitamin so it can help build the babies' bone structure and meet their calcium needs. 

Dr. Wagner reviewed the importance of vitamin D in a baby's life for the webinar series: Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days, which extends from the time of conception until a toddler turns two. In this video for Nutrition4Kids, Do you have enough vitamin D she answers parents' questions about how much vitamin D is needed during pregnancy. 

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