How to breastfeed multiples– twins, triplets, and more

How to breastfeed multiples– twins, triplets, and more

Dr. Stan (Stan Cohen MD)

Is a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Children’s Center for Digestive Health Care / GI Care for Kids, whose books on nutrition for parents led him to start Nutrition4Kids with his co-founders.

Breast-feeding twin babies at home. Two sisters suck the mother's breast

Congratulations on having a successful pregnancy and delivery (Bet you're glad that's over).  

Since multiple births are often delivered early, you may want to read the blogs on premature infants as well <<link-premature>>. For more information you may want to refer to Chapter 11 in What to Feed Your Baby

If your babies are in the intensive care area, you might have to pump and store your breastmilk so it can be used when the babies are ready to begin feedings. It's also possible that the neonatologist may arrange for the colostrum and milk to be dripped slowly through a tube into their stomachs, depending on how sick or stable they are. 

When your doctors think it is advisable to begin breastfeeding directly, alternate the breast you feed each one (putting a safety pin on the bra strap can identify which breast you fed Johnny so that he will go to the other breast the next time and Joanna will go to that one).

It's very important that you take care of yourself, assuring you have good fluid intake, nutrition and sleep so you can provide sufficient feedings for them and so that you will be healthy enough to continue their care.  

Also, please recognize that you may need to use a formula to supplement your milk.  Some mothers do well feeding twins, with sufficient milk for both, but you will rarely be able to feed triplets or more with your breast milk alone.  If the babies are premature, you will need a milk fortifier to adapt your milk to their needs <<link-premature>>.

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