Infant formulas are healthy

Infant formulas are healthy

The nutrients your baby receives in the first year of  life are very important for supporting their rapid growth and development. While health organizations and healthcare providers recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life, some mothers may not be able to breastfeed or choose to use formula instead. No problem and no guilt. There are lots of great formula options on the market that can provide all of the nutrients your baby needs to be healthy. 

 Are Infant Formulas Healthy and Safe for My Baby?

The infant formula market is booming, making roughly $3.5 billion every year. The companies are held to a very high standard. Each formula manufacturer must create infant formulas that meet the health and nutrition standards set by the Food and Drug Administration. These standards are updated regularly to make sure all infant formulas are providing the most essential nutrients for infant health.

 For example, in 1957, iron was recognized as an essential nutrient for babies. Today, all infant formulas must be fortified with enough iron to meet the needs of infants. Recent research has shown the importance of DHA ( a type of omega 3 fatty acid) in supporting brain development. Now, DHA is included in all infant formulas. Some infant formulas are adding prebiotics and probiotics because of the emerging science on gut health.

Bottom Line:  Infant formulas are well regulated and held to the highest standard of science research. When possible, breastfeeding is recommended; however, choosing infant formula is safe and can provide all of the nutrients needed for a healthy baby.