Ingredients to look out for in milk allergies

Ingredients to look out for in milk allergies

5 Foods that will cause an allergic reaction


Milk allergy is a reaction to milk protein, which can cause vomiting or rashes when ingested.  Milk allergies have a more intense reaction to dairy compared to a lactose intolerance which can just cause some digestive distress. As a result, with a milk allergy, it is important to read nutrition labels to see if the foods contain milk protein.

Ingredients that contain milk proteins:

  • milk, cow's milk
  • milk solids
  • casein
  • whey 
  • whey protein

If your milk allergy is mild, you may be able to tolerate small amounts of cooked milk products (like milk used in a cake). Cooking denature (alters) the milk protein which reduces the reactive affect in the body. However,  if milk is one of the main ingredients in a cooked product (like in a pudding, for example), there might be more of a reaction with vomiting and diarrhea. Know your allergy and be mindful of your personal limits. No food is worth becoming very sick over. 

ingredients in milk allergies

The good news is that there are many milk alternatives such as soy, oat, and almond "milk" that can be substituted in your favorite recipes. Worth noting, a small percentage of those who are allergic to milk may also be allergic to soy. Always be sure to check with your doctor if you have concerns about other potential allergies or food sensitivities that you may have.