Is my baby on the right formula?

Is my baby on the right formula?

Branding has become key to marketing. So it's no surprise that the formula companies are doing the same thing. It may help them sell formula but it's created some confusion in store aisles. 

When moms come to my office, sometimes all they can tell me is that their child is taking Similac or Enfamil without knowing exactly what they are giving their baby. It could be Similac Advance, Soy Advance, Sensitive, Sensitive for Spit Up, or more. I do not want to suggest this confusion is caused by Abbott or Mead Johnson as the other formula companies play the same game.

Marketing Detrimental to Parents

The naming craze may help with marketing, but it makes it hard for parents and primary care providers. I remember one baby who had problems with gas, irritability, and reflux; plus, the mother had food allergies. Mom carefully read labels and ended up mixing 4 different formulas every day to provide her baby with her idea of the best formula.

Mixing formulas is unnecessary, consult your healthcare provider for the best guidance. We can help you sort through the best formula options for your baby.

For example, symptoms often overlap so a baby with reflux or allergies is also often irritable. Don't rely on the formula names, better to discuss with your doctor.

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