Nutrition4kids: A trusted website

Nutrition4kids: A trusted website

I have been very, very fortunate. I've studied under great mentors at important medical centers around the world, and I've continued to learn from colleagues, parents and patients. I've seen great results as I've applied what I've learned in practice. But I've always felt limited being able to impact only a few thousand children and teens when there are so many others that could benefit. 

Mark Lorimer, one of my partners on this website (who has been invaluable in bringing my ideas to the pages here,) reminds me that when he first brought his son to see me, I asked him not to go to the internet because there was so much misinformation.

Our mission is to turn that around. 

Mark, David, our incredible Advisory Board and our contributors want you to have reliable and important information. And we want you to contribute to with your reviews and experiences. We hope you benefit and we hope that you will benefit others in the process. 

We want to deliver  information that fits you and your family. We want to let you connect with others to help you learn and do more.  Together with your help, Nutrition4Kids can become a powerful resource that families around the globe will find useful. 

Hopefully, those who have nutritional needs will improve and thrive. And healthy children will become healthier, growing and maturing into productive adults. 

Thank you for joining us in our efforts. 

Dr. Stan