Signs your baby is ready for solids

Signs your baby is ready for solids

I recommend that babies start baby food between 4 and 6 months of age. Younger babies with reflux may do better a little earlier with a small amount of cereal in their bottle.  

Babies who are fed solids sooner have an increased risk of eczema and obesity.  Yet 40% of parents haven't gotten the message, according to a CDC study released in March 2013.   Interestingly, it varied depending if the baby was formula or breastfed. The majority (53%), were formula fed and started babies on solids by 4 months while only 24% of the breastfed infants were on solids by then.  Though the study didn't break the findings down by race or culture, those factors could be important. 

The reasons for starting earlier according to the 1334 mothers in the study were:

  • babies seemed old enough (89%)
  • hungry (71%) When their head control is improved 
  • seemed interested (67%)
  • might sleep better (46%)
  • seemed to want something other than breast milk or formula (65%)

The best indicators of when a baby is ready for solids  

  • When a baby begins to sit (usually at 5 months) 
  • When their head control is improved 
  • When they stop pushing food out with their tongues

It's a balance: feedings before 6 months lower the risk of allergies / but those before 4 months can increase the risk of obesity