Super smoothies solve kids' (and adults') problems

Super smoothies solve kids' (and adults') problems

How Dr. Stan's super smoothies can save the day


Dr. Cohen's Simple Smoothie recipe 

Smoothies are quick, simple, easy ways to get healthy whole foods and fiber into your family's diet. This Super Smoothie recipe can save the day when it comes to common household problems: 

If this sounds like your family, our Super Smoothie recipe is just what you need to keep your family healthy and thriving! 

The recipe: 

Blend together:

  • 2 fists of fruit–their fist not yours–fresh or frozen
  • 1 fist of spinach (the fruits hide the taste)- fresh or frozen
  • 1/2- 1 fist of Greek yogurt –if not milk allergic;  you can substitute soy milk or pea protein  
  • Ice or juice, if needed, for additional flavor or to thin the consistency

Switch it Up 

You can 

a picture of one of Dr. Stan's super smoothies

Added benefits of the Super Smoothies:

  • An easy way to get in 3 of the 5+ recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • Protein boost: the Greek yogurt adds about 10 grams of protein which makes the smoothie filling and satisfying. Note: do not add protein powder to your child's smoothie unless they are teenage years or older. 
  • Quick Meal/ Snack: can be a quick breakfast (and even made the night before) and leftovers can be great after school snacks! 
  • If your child needs more calories to gain weight or more protein, you can add a pack of instant breakfast: another 5 grams of protein, 130 calories and about 1/4 – 1/3 of their daily vitamin needs. 
  • You can let your child choose the fruits and flavors to involve them. You can also make the decision a nutritional teaching moment, talking about the vitamins and minerals in the various fruits and vegetables
  • If you have a monster mixer/juicer, you can substitute or add other vegetables (carrots, kale, chard, cucumber, celery) making a green juice that some kids love to drink–some even like to leave it thicker so they can chew it as well (chuice, as some like to call it).