Tips for expressing and pumping breast milk

Tips for expressing and pumping breast milk

How to Express or Pump Breast milk at home or at work

Believe it or not, hand expressing works well to release breast milk. This can be done instead of using a pump or after using the pump to collect a few extra ounces.

Here's how: Begin at the upper portion of your breast and gradually massage downwards until your fingers are squeezing around your nipple. Gravity helps. Some mothers find it works best when they lean over.

Most mothers find it easier to use electric pumps. Breast pumps are very effective and should be cleaned after each feeding. 

Finding a quiet, private place to pump should not be an issue now that it is required by law. Additionally, the law grants mothers time to pump and a place to store breast milk. 

Knowing there is a quiet space to pump helps reduce stress which can help moms relax and promote good breast milk flow.

For many mothers, the concern is more about how to start the breast milk flow when the baby isn't there to stimulate the flow. A picture or even pleasant thoughts of the baby often helps promote flow. A warm compress, gentle massage, or a few minutes of quiet relaxation will usually help. It also helps to pump or express breast milk when your breasts feel full. 

Want to learn more? Follow the suggestions in Dr. Stan Cohen's What to Feed Your Baby (Rowman & Littlefield, publishers).