15 Items to pack for a restaurant rescue kit

15 Items to pack for a restaurant rescue kit

Engaging activities to keep kids busy at restaurants (that's not an iPad)


Make a restaurant rescue kit → minimal effort, maximum entertainment

Items to help your kid be restaurant ready (besides electronic devices):

  1. Cheerios or Frozen Peas to keep little fingers busy
  2. Small toys
  3. Books that can be wiped off
  4. A Feather for stroking skin
  5. A Pen to make simple finger puppets by drawing faces on thumbs and fingers
  6. Two paper cups and a piece of crumpled napkin or a sugar packet make a shell game → hide the paper under one cup, mix up cups, guess "Where is it?"
  7. A few crayons and notepad to draw, play dots, tic-tac-toe, wheel of fortune, hangman
  8. Stickers and paper
  9. Action figures / small cars/ a few duplos or legos
  10. A bit of modeling clay or playdough from the fridge
  11. A magna-doodle or paper and pencil
  12. A deck of playing cards for sorting and matching
  13. Simple card games like old main, fish, etc. to play while waiting
  14. Dominoes → a small set to build with, match the dots, play the real game
  15. Flash cards