Are gluten-free foods healthier?

Are gluten-free foods healthier?

Taking out gluten doesn’t make a food healthy


In a study published in Pediatrics, 88% of gluten-free (GF)  kid foods were labeled as having "poor nutritional quality." With 66 GF foods tested, 80% had high sugar and/or fat levels and some had low protein levels as well.   

But regular (non-GF) kid foods are just as bad. Today, as many as 97% of all "kid foods" are considered unhealthy. Just because a food is GF, that doesn't make it healthy. Pink marshmallows, blue cake, and vanilla ice cream with sprinkles are available in the gluten-free section, but they won't win awards for healthy eating. 

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Bottom line

Use your best judgement when buying any food for your kids. Having a GF label doesn't automatically make a food healthier. Restricting gluten is essential for those with celiac disease, but taking away wheat and other grains can lower protein, vitamin levels and even the potential to grow as well.