Lower your child's sugar load

Lower your child's sugar load

7 tips to replace sugary beverages, candies, and sweets in a kid's diet


Tips to cut down the sugars in your child's diet

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It is important to choose your foods wisely. Otherwise, it's easy to overload your child's blood sugar. Here are some tips:

  • Replace sodas, sports drinks and fruit juice with water  
  • Natural fruit juice has just as much sugar as sodas—grape juice has even more – better choice water: or fizzy water. You can even add strawberries. other fruits, cucumber or flavor drops to give it extra flavor
  • Smoothies that have juice—make your own with fresh or frozen fruit, maybe some spinach, and ice or just eat the fruit
  • Try crunchy vegetable, popcorn, nuts or trail mix in place of candies and sweets (be careful with toddlers and young children) 
  • Low fat yogurts with flavoring—get plain yogurt or cottage cheese and add fruits or veggies 
  • Serve bananas or strawberries instead of jelly with peanut butter, or just eat one of the nut butters from a spoon
  • Shop smartly. Read the labels on cereals and granola bars or go to our Food Index to find out how many grams of sugar are in a serving. Choose those with low levels (less than 4 grams is often recommended) and if you can, top cereal off with a fistful of fruit

Do try to make sure they get they fiber they need and the foods with healthy starches.