Burping your baby

Burping your baby

Why and how to burp a babe


Why it is necessary and how to burp your baby

Babies need help getting air out of their stomachs until they can sit up and/or can self-burp. Burping is done usually halfway through and at the end of a feeding.

• Newborns (up to a month old) usually need burping after each ounce of formula.

 • Breastfed babies may be burped when going from one breast to the other.

 • Bottle fed babies should be burped halfway through the bottle. 

• Burping Position Options: 

1. The baby on tummy across your knees supporting her head to one side if necessary. 

2. The baby with her stomach on  your shoulder

3. The baby sitting up in your lap, leaning slightly forward, with one hand on her chest supporting her neck. 

4. The baby face down laying on your forearm with her head supported by your hand (an upside down football hold).

 • Pat the baby's back FIRMLY in rhythmic patterns––babies love rhythms. Change rhythms occasionally. Also, start down low on the baby's back and move your hand upward as you pat. A circular motion works well, too. 

• If your baby doesn't burp and he's not in discomfort, it's okay. Burping is not always necessary.

burping a baby

Adapted from Nurturing with Nutrition by Dr. Melanie Bezarte and Lucille Beseler, RDN