Easy ways to add fruits and vegetables

Easy ways to add fruits and vegetables

Smart and sneaky ways to make your child's meals healthier


Picky Eaters Need Persistence and Patience to Get Needed Nutrients into Their Diet.

Kids don't brush their teeth because they want to, but because they're told brushing keeps their teeth healthy. They also need to brush their intestines with fruits and vegetables and fiber to keep their intestines healthy. Those food groups  ease their intestinal motion and feed their healthy microbiome (the good bacteria in their intestinal flora).

The challenge 

Kids build up their habits over months and years. And parents often give into them because it's easier. In the case of picky eaters, you're often glad that at least they're eating and drinking something without a fight. Believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to redirect their habits. 

Switch from juice to smoothies 

Kids love juice (which is loaded with sugar), but they often love smoothies more. Smoothies are a great way to please your child's sweet tooth while adding in whole fruits and vegetables into their diet. Blend their favorite fruits with half as much spinach, add some ice or juice and you've got a powerhouse of fruits and vegetables. They won't drink it or get tired of it? Add yogurt, peanut butter, honey or chocolate and it's still healthy with a nutrient boost. Or freeze some as punched up popsicles.  

Get lost in the sauce 

  • Puree some of your favorite vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, peppers, etc.) and keep them in the refrigerator or as ice cubes in the freezer. When you make spaghetti sauce, a baked potato, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, soups, stews, etc. add the puree or cubes for flavor or just for more fiber. 
  • You can also grate raw veggies and add them to a rice dish. Or use chia or flax seed instead. 
  • Keep fruit out so they are tempted. But don't let it go bad, make a fruit salad or use the fruits for those smoothies.
  • Add mandarin oranges, cranberries or other berries to spinach or other salads
  • Make soups (with vegetables and beans or pasta too if you'd like) or even a cold fruit soup.  
add fruits and vegetables

Don't forget other fiber foods

  • High fiber breads like whole wheat can be used for toast, sandwiches, croutons or they can be used along with crackers with peanut butter, hummus or other spreads on top.
  • Substitute brown rice for white rice; whole grain pasta, pancakes and breads for your usual selections
  • Choose kid-friendly cereals with higher fiber content (examples, raisin bran crunch, frosted mini wheat)