Growing healthy teeth

Growing healthy teeth

Avoid baby bottle syndrome and cavities

Lucille Beseler, RDN

Is co-author of Nurturing with Nutrition and a former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics representing over 100,000 Nutrition professionals, while also active as a clinical dietitian in South Florida.

Article in collaboration with: Melanie Bazarte, PhD
growing healthy teeth

To avoid the Baby Bottle Syndrome, and give the baby healthy teeth when they come in: 

  • Give the bedtime bottle outside the crib. 
  • Wipe the baby's gums regularly after eating with a dry washcloth around your finger, especially at bedtime. 
  • Wipe the bottom gums inside and outside, upper gums inside and outside, and then tongue.
  • Brush the teeth as soon as they appear with a soft baby brush without toothpaste.
  • Accustom your baby to water in the bottle after 6 months–outside the crib–especially before bedtime to rinse teeth.

Adapted from Nurturing with Nutrition by Dr. Melanie Bezarte and Lucille Beseler, RDN

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