Guidelines for safe formula storage

Guidelines for safe formula storage

It's no secret that infant formula can get expensive, especially when your baby doesn't drink all of it. In this article, we discuss the safety and storage of powdered and prepared formula. Our tips are designed to help you get the most out of the infant formula without compromising the health and safety of your baby. 

Storage of Powder Formula

Powder formula can be kept in the canister  for months as long as you keep it dry and away from heat. Avoid leaving the canister in the back seat or in the trunk of your car in the middle of summer. This is especially true for the formulas that contain probiotics, because the live bacteria will begin to die off. Always check the expiration date and choose the freshest cans that will contain more live cultures.

Storage of  Prepared Formula

Once the formula has been prepared or you've opened a can of concentrate or ready to feed formula, follow the storage rules in the chart below: 

Source: Bailey Koch, RD, CSP

Proper Temperature for Formula

Formula should be served at room temperature. If the prepared formula was in the refrigerator or cooler, you should place the milk in a warm water bath until it returns to room temperature. DO NOT USE MICROWAVES TO WARM UP MILK. Microwaves can create uneven hotspots within the milk that can burn your baby. 

It's also important to remember not to reuse formula that the baby drank hours before. Bacteria can grow in the unused portion. So it's better to make smaller amounts and make a little more if your baby is still hungry.