Ingredients for the best breast milk

Ingredients for the best breast milk

6 vitamins and minerals to emphasize in your diet


How to make sure your body is making the best breast milk 

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and get high-quality nutrients from real foods: 

• calcium 1,000 mg from low-fat live active culture yogurt, fat-free or low-fat milk (lactose-free if your baby is fussy during or after feedings), calcium-fortified orange juice 

• zinc 20 mg from shellfish, lean beef, dark meat chicken/turkey 

• magnesium 300 mg from bran cereal, spinach, collard greens, beans/lentils, potatoes (white or sweet) 

• folic acid 400 mcg (0.4 mg) from lentils, spinach, asparagus, white beans/baked beans, broccoli, orange juice 

• vitamin B6 2 mg from chicken, fish, lean pork, kidney/black beans 

• vitamin D 200-2000 IU from fat-free or low-fat milk (Do not exceed 2,000 IU/day)

 • water 8 glasses per day (8 oz. glass)

ingredients for breast milk

Adapted from Nurturing with Nutrition by Dr. Melanie Bezarte and Lucille Beseler, RDN