Knowing when your baby has had enough

Knowing when your baby has had enough

Signs your infant has finished eating

Lucille Beseler, RDN

Is co-author of Nurturing with Nutrition and a former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics representing over 100,000 Nutrition professionals, while also active as a clinical dietitian in South Florida.

Article in collaboration with: Melanie Bazarte, PhD
had enough?

Signs that indicate when your baby has had enough food

Some signs are:

  • Your baby turns his or her head away from the bottle
  • Your baby spit outs or bites the nipple
  • Your baby gets fussy or closes his or her mouth when you try to put the bottle back in
  • Your baby falls asleep

Once a baby has had enough there is no need to encourage your baby to take more; your baby will get it at the next feeding.

Adapted from Nurturing with Nutrition by Dr. Melanie Bezarte and Lucille Beseler, RDN

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