Toddler formulas can help when kids won't eat

Toddler formulas can help when kids won't eat

Easing the transition from breast or bottle


When infants transition to becoming toddlers and go from breast milk or formula to milk and more solid foods, some become picky eaters . While picky eating is common, it is important to make sure they are getting enough nutrients to support their rapid growth. If your child is having troubles making that change and you feel it's a battle, you can use a toddler formula to ease the struggle.  

What are toddler formulas? 

Toddler formulas (also known as next-step or follow-up formulas) help fill nutritional gaps in a child's diet (from about ages 1-3). Similar to infant formula, toddler formulas have 20 calories in each ounce and they have DHA added to support brain development. Toddler formulas contain more protein, iron, and vitamins E,C and B3 (niacin) than breastmilk and infant formula. The extra nutrients are added to better support the needs of the growing child who isn't eating well. 

When would a child need toddler formula? 

Toddlers who are having trouble accepting solid foods or get stuck on the 3Cs of snacking or only prefer to eat carb rich foods may benefit from these  formulas that supplement nutrients (like iron!) they aren't getting from healthy solid foods. 

If your child cannot tolerate cow's milk during the transition, then toddler formulas provide an option to replace the protein, calories and calcium of cow's milk. There are also soy- based formulas options available. Most are also lactose-free, but toddlers rarely have problems with lactose

Note: if your child is eating a variety of healthy solid foods, but has an allergy to cow's milk, soy milk or a protein fortified nut milks are the only proper substitutes for cow's milk. DO NOT give your child almond milk, rice, milk, oat milk, etc. because they do not contain enough calories, fat, and protein to support the growth of a toddler   

toddler formulas


The transition formulas are meant to give your toddler's diet a boost. They are not supposed to be used as the only nutrition source for your child. If your child has special medical needs or has problems gaining weight, then they may need a higher calorie formula or other additives to meet their nutrient needs. 

Bottom line

When transitioning to solid foods it's important to make sure your child is getting enough nutrients. Supplementing with a toddler formula can fill nutritional gaps in the diet if your child cannot tolerate whole cow's milk or is a picky/ poor solid food eater.