Too much fiber can cause gas

Too much fiber can cause gas

Unexpected reasons your kid might be gassy


Bloating and Gas Can Come from Fiber and Other Foods      

If your child has gas and bloating, and maybe abdominal pain with it, he or she could have too much fiber. Doesn't matter whether he or she has a soft or hard poop, too much fiber could be the cause.

Fiber holds onto water in the intestine. That softens bowel movements and eases the intestine's work to produce the stool (another word for poop). When there's not enough water, the stools can turn hard or even powdery. 

But fiber is also food for the healthy bacteria in your child's intestine. That's another important job for the fiber your child should eat every day. The only bad part is that the process produces gas. 

fiber causes gas

If you're giving your child good amounts of fiber in their diet no matter the source, and giving extra in a supplement, it may be too much.   

What else causes gas?

Gas can also come from 

  • Lactose intolerance (from dairy)
  • Sucrose or Fructose intolerance (much rarer)
  • Gassy foods (beans, mushrooms, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower, leeks, shallots and onions )
  • Gas-producing spices like basil, chives, parsley and thyme
  • Increased whole grains
  • Chewing gum and candies
  • Swallowing extra air
  • Poor absorption 
  • Bacteria in the small intestine
  • (Diverticulosis in adults) 

How Do You Know?

To sort that out, keep a daily diet diary, writing down everything your child eats and  drinks, how much and when. Compare it to the list above

Show it to your doctor. There's lots of causes of these types of problems, but too much fiber is definitely one of those causes that should be evaluated. You could also increase fluid intake when having increased fiber intake.