Treatment for acute pancreatitis

Treatment for acute pancreatitis

Good nutrition, proper hydration, and necessary medication


Most kids with acute pancreatitis get better within a few days. This is accomplished quicker and more comfortably when the cause can be removed (a medicine, for example) and they are given:

  • Prompt administration of fluids by mouth or through the veins (IVs) to prevent low blood pressure and shock
  • Pain medication
  • Proper nutrition
  • Antibiotics if there is an infection.

An endoscopy (ERCP) or surgery may be needed in severe cases or when gallstones or a tumor is causing blockage of bile flow and digestive enzymes.

Treatment for acute pancreatitis

Complications of acute pancreatitis are rare, but can lead to:

  • An infection of the pancreas
  • Low blood pressure and shock 
  • A pancreatic pseudocyst which is a collection of pancreatic enzymes, fluid and tissue debris that forms in and around the pancreas.
  • Damage to other organs including the lungs, kidneys, or heart