How to satisfy your child's sweet tooth without the sugar

How to satisfy your child's sweet tooth without the sugar

Flavored water, fruit smoothies, and peas?

Jingwen Huang, PhD

Dr. Jingwen Huang obtained her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nutrition and Food Science at Florida State University in 2018.

satisfy sweet tooth

Healthy choices offer sweet flavors too

  • Don't offer diet soda as a way to cut down sugar and calories. Instead, choose WATER, the ultimate diet drink. If they want a different flavor, squish a strawberry, a piece of another fruit, a cucumber slice or mint leaves in the bottom of the glass. 
  • Have fruit available. The fruit with all its fiber and nutrients is healthier than just the juice (the juice has about as much sugar as a soda). The other nutrients make fruit a healthy choice. 
  • Fruit smoothies have that same fiber content, if the kids want something else to drink. You can even add spinach to get them a serving of vegetables (use 2 times as much fruit as spinach and the fruit will give the smoothie its flavor and color so kids who don't like the green won't mind)
  • Freeze the smoothie into a flavorful, healthy popsicle.
  • Corn, peas, sweet potatoes, cooked beets and carrots actually taste sweet—your child may like them.
  • Moderation can be the key. The child who has a healthy, balanced diet can have a piece of candy or cake. If they eat their protein, fruits and vegetables, the sugar won't matter as much. 
  • For the child who just wants sweets, the best rule is that there shouldn't be room for them if there's no room for the fruits and vegetables they need each day. The simple solution for most families is not to buy those sweets and snacks until their eating habits improve.

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